Range Trans Ltd was established in 2006 – under Register no. J/09/691/2006, by Costin Sorin, as a result of his own experience as shipping manager for more then 18 years. Constantly changing to meet the new demands of the international shipping comunity, Range Trans Ltd has been recognised as a high quality, professional, lead company, with access to an international network of shipping lines offering total solutions for the movement of goods.


Operating strongly in both import and export markets, Range Trans Ltd has invested heavily in training to ensure staff which is geared up to meet the stringent expectations of Romanian industry as well as continuosly development of Braila, Galati and Tulcea harbours. The company prides itself on 100% accuracy in the supply of documentation, an area further streamlined by the introduction of more efficient information technology systems. Range Trans Ltd prides itself on its quick response policy by provinding a replay to clients enquiries within 24 hours and usually within one hour or less. Client satisfaction is measured through continual contact by telephone and or e-mail and regular personal visits of partners worldwide.


Range Trans Ltd is one of the very healthy company, as financial and bank preferences provided on request. For financial operations, Range Trans Ltd resorts to “RAIFFEISEN BANK (ROMANIA) S.A.” – Braila branch, swift code:rzbrrobu, iban no: RO36RZBR0000060009285167 ( euro ).


Range Trans Ltd is keeping abreast of developments with the use of modern technological aids whilest preserving the personal contact with clients, which is considered to be one of the company’s keys to its success. 24 hours communications is available to all its customers through the use of up-to-date systems and methods. Mobile cellular phones, e-mail, computerised fax and telex, house computer systems and the internet are all used for modern communications, providing the client with accurate and quick information. For covering activity in all Romanian ports, Range Trans Ltd masters two branches: the headoffice is placed in Braila (for vessels calling Braila and Galati ports) and a branch office in Tulcea (for vessels calling Tulcea and Sulina ports).